Value Chain Analysis
Our consultants have the expertise and interest in advising on the concept of value chain diversification by identifying the challenges and opportunities within a product's value chain, OTTIMALE LIMITED is able to help the farmer gain more earnings.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation is an important part of project implementation. In this part we measure the achievement of the goals and to hold accountable for missed goals. Through project design and management, our Consultants have extensive experience in implementing M&E.
Market Entry Strategy Development
Our company can help agricultural producer/farmer to access emerging markets, obtain information, pre-screen potential partners, provide feedback on product adaptation and consumer prices, and provide targeted promotional activities
Agribusiness Management and Planning
Our Company intends to implement the Policy revolves around the goals of developing an efficient, competitive and profitable agriculture sector that contributes to the improvement of small farmers in Tanzania.

Irrigation System Designing And Development

Irrigation System Selection and Design - Focusing on the types of systems, their components, water application concepts and system evaluation are goals for this module. At the beginning of each topic i give specific  objectives that should tell you what we want to focus upon.  

Irrigation systems consist of plumbing to move water from a source to the plants. Irrigation is about having an adequate flow of water available under sufficient pressure to operate all the sprinklers, emitters, or watering hoses being used at one time.

Agribusiness Products

We have export lisence to supply various cash crops across international markerts. The agricultural business field includes resource management, farming, conservation, ranching, and sales.

Cash & Food Crops

Demand for agricultural products  both cash and food crops is increasing in the world  at a fast pace. We have an expansive portfolio of consultants to ensure that we deliver your assignment with the needed precision. We work on production, markets and product design as well as project design, planning, management, advocacy and communication. Our good understanding of the sector is our strength. 

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When it comes to livestock exports from Tanzania, we are the number one exporter. We are your Gateway into the market place, with well-established Networks throughout  Africa, Asia & Far East we can offer a diverse marketing opportunity for you and your Livestock needs. With years of experience in the livestock  industry, We pride ourselves in providing an honest, reliable and dedicated service.